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November 21, 2014 / Max E.


Follow your heart and purchase some original unique pieces from me!

Have fun!



June 21, 2014 / Max E.

Ifly Ufly we allfly high!

Due to the promotion I received in April and the additional Freelance job at the Law Firm I have been able to rack up some play money for this summer. As a tribute to myself, I am promising that not a single cent of this will be spent on anything but adventure. And so, what better way to start the summer adventure tour than by learning how to fly. in the air.

Thanks to the cute boys at IFly trapeze this adventure was more than just an adrenaline rush, it was an experience I will get to experience again! Just watch!


June 19, 2014 / Max E.

Dear Lifeproof Customer Service,

After about a week of trying to get in contact with the Lifeproof Customer Service team, I have decided to air their dirty laundry here.


I would like to take a moment of your time today to examine the Lifeproof waterproof guarantee. As a first time consumer of this product, I was very excited that a company could boast with previous satisfaction about their waterproof cases. After reading several reviews and playing with some family members actual devices, I assumed this was well worth the money.

On June 2nd I placed an order with for a Lifeproof NUUD case for the Apple IPad 2. On Friday June 6th I received the case, and with utter excitement I took it out of the box. I began to read all of the instructions and manuals. As Lifeproof requested, I proceeded to do a waterproof test. This is where I became lackluster of the product. It seems the package I had gotten would not fit the makeshift iPad. The left side would not snap correctly. A family member of mine examined the product and said the whole thing seemed to be two different size parts.

When I brought it back to my local Best Buy store they explained to me that the item must have warped at some point. Their customer service team was very helpful and allowed me to return the item and order a new one.

On June 6th I re-ordered the same NUUD device for my iPad. On Thursday June 11th I received the second NUUD cover in the mail. This time it was not warped. I placed the plastic fake iPad in the device. Sealed it, and placed it under water for 30 minutes.  I returned to discover something very damaging.

After wiping the exterior of the case dry, I noticed water droplets still moving around. As I examined the sealed case a bit more I noticed the paper inside had been completely soaked. There were water pockets everywhere and not a section of the interior had been left untouched.

I thought to myself, well this cannot be, Lifeproof guarantees it is waterproof! Lifeproof even had me test it! So I took both O rings out, rinsed them in water, let them dry. I let both the front and the back piece dry and replaced the O Rings. I then let the item sit and dry some more for the night. The next day I placed the plastic iPad inside the cover, making sure everything was in place as per instructions. I placed the case underwater, and immediately noticed air bubbles on the bottom. As I sat there, within 60 seconds, the submerged case had filled with water.

Now, I am sitting here, extremely disappointed with pictures of proof that Lifeproof’s product is not what they say it is. If you see my attached pictures, not only is there water found in the case, but also the O-Ring is not pictured as in the manual. Either Lifeproof is giving Best Buy less quality products, or my whole family has been duped by Lifeproof’s product.

After doing this water test twice, on two different packages, I made sure to show my whole family. They had recently purchased several cases for their Apple devices and as soon as I showed them how fraudulent your product was they were outraged, and returned everything.

For a company to charge almost $200 a case and guarantee that it is waterproof, only to have the water seep in within seconds is absolutely astonishing.

Summer is a very short season on the east coast and all I have ever wanted was to read comics while lying in a tube in my pool. Lifeproof’s product was a “god send” for this. Until I actually tested it. Not only am I extremely disappointed but Lifeproof’s entire product line is a complete lie.

They gave me a piece of plastic that said my device had already been waterproof tested and yet, after following all the instructions, it filled with water. Does Lifeproof even test those cases or does a machine just put those stickers on?

This is really a shame, Lifeproof is the only waterproof cover on the market, and the product will go down with the rest of the so called “guaranteed” ideas.

This has been extremely disappointing and frustrating experience.

I will not buy another OTTER or Lifeproof product again, and I will make sure everyone knows about their unreliable products.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


Max, a very disappointed consumer.


March 13, 2014 / Max E.


March 12, 2014 / Max E.

One Down. Six to Go.

One Down. Six to Go.

One Down. Six to Go.

March 10, 2014 / Max E.

My Ipod knows what’s up

So today I got in my car and the strangest thing happened, all this awesome music I forgot about started playing. Ya know, Nine Inch Nails was the original dubstep. And The offspring, such an underrated band!


January 30, 2014 / Max E.

Throwback Thursday – Music

Tribute – Tenacious D

Somewhere I belong – Linkin Park

free – powerman5000

renegades of funk – Rage against the machine

Caught by the river – Doves


January 21, 2014 / Max E.

The necessary death of Shia LaBeouf

I just recently watched The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. It was a pretty, magical story and with Ron Wesley and Nevel Longbottom in it, made some scenes almost “Where the boys of Gryffindor go to party”. Evan Rachel Wood’s accent was sexy as all hell. Hr styling, acting, and interactions with LaBeouf were very artistic and moving. I thoroughly believed in the ghosts, they made the story heartwarming.  The love story was dangerous and similarly quixotic.

I begin this with a short review, only to solidify the fact that as much as Hollywood seems to want to hate on this kid, he’s not all that bad.

First of all, if we excuse the plagiarism as his mistake to get rights to the thing, which he probably could’ve done easily, and we just see him as an actor, not a human being (like we forget to do for most stars of Hollywood) This kid has come a long way.

Remember that little kid Herbert with the broken arm in Freaks and Geeks? Yeah, that was LaBeouf. After that, he did Holes. HOLES! Not one of you can sit there and act like Holes wasn’t one of the funniest kids movie ever made. It was beautiful, you all read the book and you know his acting made it way cool. Not to mention the Outer Space Badass Queen Sigourney Weaver was in it too. She wouldn’t sign up for something silly!

Remember when he played Max in Charlie’s Angels 2. That was fun.

Now to get real. His acting credit didn’t start with Transformers and we all know it. He was really good with will smith in I, Robot. He was excellent in Constantine. (One of my fav movies).

And even though we all secretly wish this never happened, he was a good son of “Jonesey”.

If you haven’t seen lawless yet please go see it, that movie put LaBeouf in a light no one has seen him in. No running, no yelling. Just lots of calm collected movements that lead to him get shot a whole bunch of times. Very epic. And doing it all next to Bane. That’s ballsy.

I think everyone is just being a dick. He apologized. He quotes a bunch of people on his twitter and doesn’t give credit. If you took the first five people on your twitter account right now, I bet they are reiterating some crap rap lyrics, or some motivation quote, with no citation.

If he really did steal your comic book, but somehow made it into a successful short film, how about instead of getting a lawyer to stop him from creating, why don’t you hear his idea out, maybe, just maybe, he has the money and the motivation to make your project into something you only dreamed of.

Shia LaBeouf put Dan Clowes on the map of Google search engines and twitters rants. Everyone who is invested in bashing Shia has also given Clowes much attention. He might act like he doesn’t want the attention, but what I know about writers is one thing and one thing only. They all want to get famous. So LaBeouf did him a favor.

Stop being pissed at a 27 year old, seems like Beiber is doing some pretty shit and no one seems to be getting him out of Hollywood any time soon.


I like Shia. And maybe, a proper death is what he needs. To kill all ties and relationships with people who clearly don’t give a shit about him. So he can move on to be something better, without apologies.

Either way, I am still going to buy tickets to his movies. He fascinates me. And all this hoopla is making you fascinated by him too. Go ahead, Google this shit.

Top Shia Movies you Must Watch Now:

  1. Lawless
  2. The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman
  3. Constantine
  4. I, Robot
  5. Holes




Oh p.s.

LaBeouf, if you happen to read this, you should come to NY. You got a fan here. A cute fan, who’d totally take you out for a drink.

:heh heh heh:

January 3, 2014 / Max E.

I Built a Table

So, I went to target the other day in need of a small table for my room. I’d been using my desk to hold my gecko tank and it just wasn’t practical anymore. All I could find at target were $30 desks, and TV stands for over $70. So, I got a better idea. I went to home depot, got some scrap wood, cut it to the size I wanted, grabbed some L-Joints and voila! A table!



I think my next project shall be something a bit more difficult.

December 25, 2013 / Max E.

USA Eagles vs. Maori All Blacks

As you all know I am a huge fan of Rugby. I go to the CRC’s every year and I have been photographing games since 2007. This year, I was graciously invited to be a Press guest at PPL Park for the Maori All Blacks vs. USA Eagles international game. This event was not only one of my most sought after games, but the fact that I got to run around on the field was an utter plus.

Not only did I meet everyone on the teams, but I got to give out my finished photos to a bunch of writers and bloggers. I met with photographers from Canterbury and I met the manager of the USA team!

The guys were absolutely sweet. One of the All Blacks gave me a pin. I ran around Philadelphia bar hopping with some amazing people and players and it was honestly the greatest experience thus far as a photographer. I cannot wait to do it again.

Hopefully the people at USA Eagles will enjoy my photos.  The eagles played an amazing game and they are the sweetest people on the planet! Rugby players are the best.

My pictures will probably speak for themselves.



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